Coconut Palm Sugar Toffee with Dark Chocolate, Almonds + Sea Salt


IMG_1830This toffee has a slightly different taste and texture than toffee made with white sugar. It is a little bit darker, very smooth and crunchy. I like the rich flavor and complexity of the coconut palm sugar balanced out with the dark chocolate, almonds and salt. To me this is a more interesting and delicious and unique toffee. The coconut palm sugar behaves differently than the white sugar though, you end up with some extra butter that does not get incorporated. Adding more sugar helps the situation, but you may need to still pour off a little butter. I poured out the toffee so that it is in a smooth, thin layer and I didn’t use a candy thermometer, I used the cold water test which works well. I try to avoid white sugar because it lacks flavor and complexity, so this is a great alternative, and much tastier.

Coconut Palm Sugar Toffee with Dark Chocolate, Almonds + Sea Salt
1 cup unsalted butter (Straus Sweet Cream)
1 1/2 cups coconut palm sugar
1/4 tsp sea salt + some for sprinkling
4-5 ounces good quality dark chocolate, chopped
1 big handful of almonds, chopped

In a heavy saucepan, heated to medium, add the butter, sugar and 1/4 tsp salt. Melt everything together, stirring, and bring to a boil. Continually stir with a wooden spoon. If you have a candy thermometer, heat until the temperature reads 300 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use a cold water test, spoon a drop of the mix into cold water, it is done when it is crunchy, not chewy, and separates into brittle threads. This takes about 10-15 minutes and the color is slightly darker than other toffee because of the rich amber color of the coconut palm sugar.

Pour the mix onto an aluminum lined baking pan and sprinkle with the dark chocolate. Give the chocolate a minute to melt, and then spread it with a spoon. Add the chopped almonds and a few grinds of sea salt. Set the tray in the refrigerator until it cools completely, and then break into pieces.

Note: The coconut palm sugar absorbs the butter differently that normal white sugar. So, when you finish, you may need to pour off a bit of the butter, or add a little more sugar.