IMG_2706It just makes sense to choose food compassionately and then share that food with friends and loved ones. Get overly excited about food, listen to your body and know what it needs, eat huge salads and giant plates of vegetables, celebrate summer and eat as many stone fruits as you can. Go urban foraging, make your own ice cream, seek underground raw milk sellers, drink homebrewed beer and wine, make your own cheese, only eat grass fed beef, free range chicken and wild game, better yet, raise your own animals, get your own chickens and marvel at their vivid orange yokes, raise your own thanksgiving turkeys, eat goat meat, it’s yummy, learn how to  make raw foods, especially desserts with raw cacoa, drink tea from your friends company, go to your coop, definitely go to potlucks, choose skin and hair products that you wouldn’t mind ingesting, avoid petroleum based fragrance, be your own teacher, don’t listen to the USDA or industrial agriculture, eat like your ancestors and listen to their quiet advice on how to eat and live full and spiritual lives.

These are just a few suggestions, I could go on, but just remember that when you choose an artisanal, homemade, carefully grown product it is a celebration of a different kind of culture, a richer world and a more connected and caring community.



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