Cilantro Lime Coconut Curry with Chanterelles, Fresh Ginger + Avocado

IMG_2289 IMG_2270-001 S IMG_2274This soup made my house smell like fresh ginger and cilantro and lime in such a gentle and refreshing and rather uplifting way. And this was good, because the onion I used, bought from the farmer’s market a few days ago, it made me basically weep. I’ve had the occasional onion make my eyes watery, but this one forced tears to stream down my face. I had to walk away and compose myself. My suggestion is to use a gentler onion, like a white one, or a shallot, but I guess I was starting to think I’m immune to oniony induced emotion and this one put me in my place. This recipe can easily be doubled to feed a crowd, and you could add chicken or pork belly if you have it on hand. The avocado is essential as it balances out a pretty citrusy soup and adds depth, but the rice is optional as well. It is also quite good topped with those rice sticks you find at health food stores and a good grind of fresh black pepper. Oh and I did also just happen to have chanterelles on hand, which is something that has never really happened to me before, as lovely as they are I would happily use shitake or maitake mushrooms in their place.

Cilantro Lime Coconut Curry with Chanterelles, Fresh Ginger + Avocado
1 medium onion, chopped
1 large carrot, chopped
2 inches peeled fresh ginger, chopped
4 baby sweet peppers, or 1 big red pepper,  seeds removed + sliced
1 zucchini, halved and diced
1 handful chanterelles, sliced
1/2 jalapeno, seeds removed, chopped
2 long pieces lemongrass, chopped
1 tablespoon yellow curry paste
1 lime, juiced
1 can full fat coconut milk + 1 can amount of water
1/4 cup brown or wild rice
1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped + extra for garnish
Butter + olive oil
Salt + pepper

Add a tbsp of butter to a deep saucepan over medium heat, add the onions and cook about 15 minutes, or until translucent.
Next add the ginger, peppers, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, jalapeno and lemongrass. Stir and drizzle with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Cover and allow to cook for about 5 minutes, then add the curry paste, stirring again.
Add the lime juice and pour in the full can of coconut milk plus a can sized amount of water. Turn heat to medium, add the rice to the soup, cover and allow to simmer for about 20 minutes.
Stir in the cilantro, and taste for seasoning, adding olive oil, salt and pepper if needed. Test to make sure the rice is fully cooked, and serve with sliced avocado, cilantro, a grind of pepper and drizzle of olive oil.




Herbed Meatballs in Ginger Curry Broth with Shishito Peppers, Arugula, Apricot, Summer Squash + Cracklings






My favorite time to cook is often when I think I have nothing left to work with in my fridge. It forces me to be creative, to leave behind my go-tos and come up with new ways to enjoy ingredients that I often use. As I was cooking this meal my mom brought me some pig cracklings she made from the pigs we raised on our family ranch. They are the perfect topping, savory with a crunch and melt in your mouth ending. This meal may seem like many steps but it is uncomplicated and adjustable depending on what you have left in your fridge, just read through the recipe before starting so you have all of your ingredients ready.

Ginger Curry Broth
11/2 inch ginger, peeled & finely chopped
1 scallion, chopped
1 can coconut milk + 1/2 can water
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp curry powder or paste
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp chili pepper flakes
1 tsp fresh ground pepper
1 tbsp coconut oil

Add the coconut oil to a skillet, melt and then add onions. Cook at medium heat, covered, until softened, then add the ginger. Cook for a few minutes-10 or so- until the onions are translucent, but not browned or burning. Add the can of coconut milk, water and the spices to taste. I keep the curry seasonings light so that the ginger isn’t overpowered. Pour the mix into a small saucepan and turn the heat down to low and allow to simmer while you prepare the rest of the dish.

Shishito Peppers, Arugula, Apricot, Summer Squash + Cracklings
1/2 lb shishito peppers
1/2 lemon juiced
2-3 small yellow summer squash, chopped
2 handfuls arugula
1 apricot, halved and quartered
1 tbsp coconut oil
sea salt & pepper

In a medium-high skillet, add the coconut oil and shishito peppers. Coat in lemon juice, salt & pepper. Cover and cook for about 10 minutes or so, stirring every so often. During this time, start the herbed meatballs. When the shishito’s are browned well, add the summer squash. Cover and cook for another 6-8 minutes, then add the arugula and apricots. Make a little space in the pan to heat the cracklings, or fry them in another skillet. Season to taste, this will serve on top of the meatballs and curry.

Herbed Meatballs
1 lb grass fed ground beef
1 tsp sea salt & pepper
3 sprigs of fresh oregano
1 egg
1/8 cup of coconut flour
1 tbsp coconut oil

Using your hands, mix the ground beef with the salt & pepper, oregano, egg and coconut flour. Heat a skillet to medium-high heat, shape the meatballs, and add them to the pan. Cook until crisp and browned, then flip.

To serve: Add the meatballs to a bowl, spoon curry over and then add the vegetables and cracklings. 

Goat Curry with Garlic and Green Onion Naan


 On my ride home I started thinking about the huge box of tomatoes I bought at the farmers market, and my peaches, onions, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, and goat stew meat defrosting in the fridge. As I rode the flavors started mixing in my head, and I arrived home ready to experience the aromatic delight I’d created in my mind. Instead of rice I made homemade naan. It was chewy and dense and speckled with seeds, garlic and scallions. It didn’t fall apart when I dipped it in the curry and held up well to a sliver of goat meat and a peach balanced on its crispy, chewy, slightly browned edge. I did use a pre-bought curry paste from the co-op this first time, but I plan on making my own from now on.

Goat Curry with Garlic and Green Onion Naan


Naan with Garlic and Green Onion
1 package yeast
2 Tbsp warm water
1 Tsp coconut palm sugar
¼ c warm milk
¼ plain, whole milk, yogurt
4 Tbsp melted butter
3 cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp salt
½ tsp baking powder
1 tsp poppy seeds
1 tsp sesame seeds
1 tsp hemp seeds
2 garlic cloves
2 green onions

Mix warm water, sugar and yeast. Set aside until the mixture foams and bubbles. Add the milk, yogurt, and butter to the yeast mixture. Mix flour, salt, baking powder and seeds in a large bowl. Using your hand, mix the yeast and flour mixture. Knead on a floured surface for about eight minutes, adding more water if it feels too dry. Place the ball of dough in a bowl and cover with a towel for around four hours until it rises and doubles in size. I let mine rise, and then placed it in the fridge overnight, and then, before I baked it, allowed it to come to room temperature.

Chop the garlic and onions, knead them into the rested and risen naan, and then form into balls. Brush them with olive oil and let rest for another 15 minutes. During this time, turn your oven to its highest temperature (500 or so). With a rolling pin, roll out the naan on a floured surface. Bake for 4-5 minutes, and then broil for another minute or so.

Goat Curry
Olive oil
3 garlic cloves minced
1 red onion chopped
1 large peach sliced
5-6 large tomatoes diced
1 sweet potato
1 hot pepper chopped
½ C goat stew meat, chopped and seasoned with salt, oil, and pepper
1 spoonful Green curry paste
¼ C Coconut milk
2 Tbsp Vegetable stock
½ C water

Sauté the chopped red onion in olive oil for a few minutes before adding the garlic and hot pepper. After a few minutes, push the veggies to the side, add more oil, and sear the goat meat. I only sear the meat for about 30 seconds on each side, just so it gets browned. Add the tomatoes and peaches. Add a spoonful of the curry paste. Pour in the coconut milk, vegetable stock and water. Add the sweet potato and stir well, making sure the curry paste is broken up and evenly distributed.

If you want a stronger curry flavor, add more paste, I kept it pretty light. Turn the heat down to medium-low and let the stew simmer for 30 minutes or so. I let the curry simmer while I did the final preparations of the naan so everything came out ready at the same time.

Garnish the curry with fresh basil, and I like my naan drizzled with olive oil and sprinkle of good sea salt.